Padros Cheese

Specialized in melted cheeses, bars and grated.

About us

Specialized in melted, bar and grated cheeses

We are a family business specialized in the manufacture of processed cheeses and food preparations.

Our vocation is the continuous development of products tailored to the needs of the client, whether industrial or final consumer.

The IFS certification guarantees our commitment to quality in all processes.

Our organization aspires to be a clear benchmark for help and support for the technical departments of our clients to achieve the best design in terms of flavour, texture and format.

We have facilities with the highest technology and automation of our processes but with the flexibility to produce a large number of different formats and products, always seeking to find the solution for each application.

Key points of our products

Wide variety of formats and the possibility of adapting to special formats.

Our R+D+I team can adapt to the needs of your company and design the most suitable product.

We have a fully automated process to offer stable and safe products.

By subjecting the product to heat treatment, it has a long expiration date, the product being stable over time.

If you have any development in mind, do not hesitate to contact us.

As far as you want to go…

Our processes

The highest technology applied to each project

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